Awards & Recognitions

The Woobo Magic

Woobo wants to lend a paw by becoming your child’s favorite cuddly companion and interactive study buddy!

Real Time Q&A

Ask Woobo anything! Woobo answers endless curious questions in kid-safe and friendly ways to encourage exploration. 

Voice Messaging

Send messages back and forth between Woobo and your trusted device, no matter where you are.

Healthy Habits

Set up reminders for habits like brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, and cleaning up. Woobo will join in to make it fun!

A Rich Content Library

Social Emotional Development

Kids become participants in these interactive stories designed to help take on different perspectives. Kids join Woobo in trying out new strategies and making decisions.

Play Together

With group games like Charades, Hot Potato, and Family Trivia Night, Woobo makes it easy to spend time together as a family.

Songs & Stories

Carefully curated from top kid's brands we admire, Woobo is filled with high-quality children's content. Subscribe to the channels you like while also enjoying selections from Woobo's free Content library.

Woobo's World

Unlock over 400 songs, stories, games, and stimulating activities by exploring 7 exciting locations alongside 16 new characters in Woobo's World.

The Woobo Family

Sharing the Love

“My 2 year old just loves his Woobo! He plays Animal Noises, counts to 10, and says his ABCs with Woobo. But most of all he loves to laugh with Woobo as Woobo makes funny faces! They are the best buds!"

– – Katie N.

"This is the Best toy we purchased in years. It keeps getting better ..."

– – Thaynara F. M.

"Gabe wakes up every day and goes through his routines and for a child with autism that structure is so important, and now what was a struggle is a fun thing to do with his Woobo and we couldn't be more thankful and the games he plays are great too! Woobo constantly keeps Gabe entertained even at the doctor's and in home therapy. I definitely am glad we invested in him. "

– – Stephanie M.

“My 4 year old loves Woobo! Christmas morning she leaned into Woobo’s face and said ‘Woobo I lub you.’ And Woobo said back, ‘I love you, too.’”

– – K.B.