Woobo Mini: Smart Audio Playmate


Wide Selection of Songs and Stories 

Woobo Mini can play audio from a large collection of songs and stories
specially curated for toddlers ranging from 0-4 years old. We constantly update
the library so that you and your little ones are far from bored!


Multiple Ways to Control Playback 

Parents can play a specific song or story from our Parent app that is available for download on the iOS/Android app store. Children can independently operate Woobo Mini by pressing play/pause or next buttons on the toy and Woobo Mini will randomize audio content.


Respectful of Kids' Bedtimes

You can set night mode using the Parent App to help kids follow a bedtime routine.
If children try to play with Woobo Mini in night mode, white noise
along with a display of soothing red and yellow lights will encourage them to try to sleep.

Cute, Cuddly, and Chatty 

Apart from being cute and cuddly, Woobo Mini loves to talk! Voice interaction enables you or yours kids to ask Woobo Mini for a story or to play a song. Q&A capability allows for kids to ask Woobo Mini questions such as - Why is the sky blue?

Offline Mode 

You can use Woobo Mini even without access to a WiFi connection! Woobo Mini will be able to playback approximately 30-35 saved songs/stories in offline mode.


Woobo Minis are on their way to you now!