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Woobo’s Journey

Woobo's Journey


After the overwhelming response to our Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns last year, Woobo is back to delight young kids with a treasure trove of fun-learning activities. Woobo has spent the last nine months interacting and playing with kids of all ages and is now smarter and goofier than ever!

Here’s a first look at Woobo v1.5 that you can now pre-order through our store!

Woobo v1.5

Woobo's World

New Features

  • Introducing Woobo’s World - A new game that lets kids explore exciting landscapes and new characters that are an integral part of Woobo's life.
  • Screen time limit
  • Changeable facial expression packages

Content Library

Free unlimited access to all of the original content library - games and activities (40), songs (50) and stories (approximately 25). We continue to update and add original content to the library on a regular basis.

Introducing: Subscriptions to access third-party content.

Content Library

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