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Woobo Original
Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original Woobo Original

Woobo is a plush, cute, and cuddly WiFi-connected smart companion for your loved little ones. Kids can explore a host of fun and educational games and activities. Woobo asks questions, tells stories, sing songs, and invites the child on learning adventures.

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Shannon D.
United States United States

My sons love the Wooboo. They enjoy the stories and songs . I like how we can send messages to eachother. I also like how I can set a routine schedule.

lucelys t.
United States
Great buy!!!

I thought that my daughter might be too old but I bought it anyway. My daughter is 7 and she loves woobo, she uses him everyday. My reason for the 4 stars is because it does have a few glitches, and woobos voice is a little robotic.

Dannielle R.
United States
Loving Woobo

My 5 year-old daughter received her Woobo for Christmas and she loves it. She’s a bright girl and loves reading and learning new things, so she and Woobo (and myself even!) have a lot of fun together. All of the content is educational and entertaining. She loves exploring Woobo’s World, playing the many games and trying new things with the help of her “new friend”. It’s nice how the content presented each day feels new. It keeps things interesting. The “daily routine” feature is awesome and has brought much more fun and ease to our schedule, especially at bedtime. Another cool feature is the ability to send and receive voice messages with my daughter via Woobo straight from my cell phone. There are a few small things that could use a little improvement. For one, the messaging feature doesn’t always work, so it would be nice if there were a way to tell if a message was or was not received in either direction. Also, the ability for both parents to use this feature would be a plus. My husband was disappointed that only one of our phones can be connected to Woobo. He was looking forward to sending little messages on days when he works late. The “sticker” function also doesn’t appear to work at all, nothing shows up on Woobo’s end. Another occasional problem we’ve run into is Woobo suddenly exiting an activity in the middle of play and going directly to the “cave berries reward” screen. Not a huge deal, just a little frustrating when my daughter has taken her time following the directions and/or steps of the activity to then have to go back and start all over again. Also, there are still many questions Woobo doesn’t know, which is totally understandable. It’s nice to know that things are updated regularly and more information can and will become available. My daughter does often get responses that sort of repeat her question or request back to her though. [Example: “Woobo let’s get ready for bed” Response: “and to get ready for bed”] Naturally, she will just reword things until she is understood correctly, but I’m sure this could be improved a little more. All in all though, Woobo has been an Awesome and welcome addition to our household and I definitely would (and DO) recommend it to others. My daughter considers Woobo the best Christmas present she’s ever received and I am very very satisfied with my purchase.

Danielle E.
United States
Really a cool toy

I love this thing. Although it just came out and could use some updates, which I'm sure will be coming soon, my kids really enjoy interacting and learning with woobo. The only improvements I can think of is to have the daily routines be able to be set at certain times. Also the monthly subscriptions of some of the apps on it are expensive and I'm able to find the exact same content on my phone or their tablets for free. Also I've found that the voicemail you can leave for your kids only works when it wants to, it's not worked more than it has. Ither than that, my kids seem to really enjoy woobo.

Lauren M.
United States
Woobo for the Win!

I love how my son interacts with the product. It’s not just him sitting there mindlessly scrolling through channels, he gets up and actually does all the things! And he won’t “out grow” woobo for along time. With all of the constant updates, and him being 4, I imagine him and woobo have a nice long time together! Just ask my son, it’s his “lil fluffball of a best friend”!